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Whether you’re sitting on some money and are ready to buy now, or are planning a future venture, sign up to be on my cash buyer’s list and you will receive immediate notification of homes available for purchase. When that right project comes along, you won’t miss out.

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I constantly market to highly motivated sellers who are looking to sell their home more quickly than the conventional methods allow.  These sellers encompass all of Monterey, Santa Clara and Alameda Counties, so if you are interested in a particular area, chances are a home of interest will soon become available to you.  YOU can be privy to deals as soon as I become aware of them, which gives you a much needed advantage in the competitive California real estate investment market.

No matter where our sellers live, if someone wants to sell quickly, they want to do so for their own legitimate and personal reasons.  I aim to solve their problem by closing the sale of their home as quickly as possible.  Only my cash buyers (i.e., YOU), make this possible for them!  These cash transactions are the key and investors make it happen.

The Process

I meet with sellers and go through their situation and condition of their home in great detail.  I work with a contractor who accurately calculates projected rehab costs…NO guess work on my part. I also work with 3 different investment savvy brokers who are familiar with the counties in which they work, thereby eliminating over-estimation of comps & ARV.  I work hard to get solid numbers and present them in detail to prospective buyers.  I am conservative in my estimations, knowing that unforeseen rehab costs are inevitable with flip projects. A successful project for YOU, is a successful one for me as well. The two results are NOT mutually exclusive of one another!

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Become a Member of My Buyers List Today!

Get notified of off market properties that become available in your area. Whether it be Monterey, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara or Alameda County, if you're currently looking for a project, chances are, something will become available that fits your criteria. Sign up today!!
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