Abandoned House in Your Neighborhood?

abandoned house 2

We’ve all seen them at one time or another. An abandoned house that looks like the owner hasn’t been there for years. Overgrown grass and shrubs, broken windows and not a sign of life to speak of.
They are not only an eyesore for you and your fellow neighbors, but did you know that they decrease the value of YOUR home too?
Don’t let your home’s value be decreased by the abandoned home in your neighborhood and take charge!

At Ugly Duckling Homes, we buy houses like this all the time for cash.  The owners may have inherited the house and can’t afford to take care of it, or maybe they’ve tried to sell, but were unsuccessful and just gave up and let it go to waste.  Maybe they’ve moved and the home has fallen into disrepair.  For whatever the reason, chances are the owner may just want to sell their home quickly and be rid of their problem.

We will contact the owner and see if they want to sell their home for cash.

Fill out the form below with the address of the abandoned home, as well as your own contact information.  Or call me 831-915-4555.  We will contact the owner and see if they want to sell their home for cash.  We won’t disclose who referred them to us, but we will let them know that this option is available to them.

If bought, the home will be fixed up and re-sold, and you won’t have to look at that eyesore anymore.  Enjoy the opportunity to increase the value of your home as an added bonus!

PLUS, as a thank you to pointing out the home to us, I will give you $500 cash if your referral leads to a sale!!  It’s as simple as that!!

So contact me today to help increase the value of your home and get some cash in your pocket to boot!!

Report an Abandoned Home

Let us know where an abandoned home is in your neighborhood. Say goodbye to Ugly Duckling and HELLO to cash!!
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